Hey friends!  What’s going on!  I just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta a.k.a. AWA a couple days ago!  I’m going to be getting my recaps out sooner rather than later after these conventions, probably within a week or two after!  So let’s get going!


Just some Hallway shots at AWA


AWA one of Atlanta’s biggest anime conventions, right up there with MomoCon!  It’s location is at the Renaissance Waverly and Cobb Galleria in north west Atlanta, right along the perimeter.  It shares the month with DragonCon, since it’s usually 3-4 weeks after. As many of you know DragonCon is massive.  AWA although much smaller than it’s multi-genre counterpart, is not easily overshadowed.  Boasting an attendance last year of over 20,000, it’s still quite a large convention!  There’s tons of things to do like shop in their big dealers room, check out artists’ alley, watch the music acts (all the way from Japan), and of course the cosplay, which I like best. :]



Alex as Akagi from Kancolle at AWA




The weather during this convention is usually mild and beautiful! This weekend, unfortunately, it was mild and crummy.  All weekend. It’s ok!  We rolled with the punches and we still got lots of awesome shots!  I spent most of my time working with my friends and clients, running in and out of the convention center trying to stay dry, but also get awesome shots. I had the pleasure of shooting with Cindy, Bri, Alex, Lynn, Sarah, and Leslie this weekend!  :]


Narrendor as Anders


On Sunday, I finally got a chance to do a formal shoot with Narrendor.  We decided to run over to The Goat Farm super early on Sunday to do a shoot of her Anders from Dragon Age!  It’s a spectacular location, and you should definitely check it out.  Look out on my instagram for photos to pop up.


More hallway shots at AWA


I really love this convention.  I get great photos, work with great people, and get to hang out with my friends in Atlanta!  I love this city.  Maybe one day… I’ll move up there. :]

Don’t forget to hit the gallery below!

Until next time Atlanta, which happens to be… Thursday! :]

Thanks for reading!


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Hey Friends!  Throwback Thursday!  Or throw way back, really, for all you Sailors out there.  We’re showing off our two friends Megan and Kendall as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus and their shoot ! :]

We met Megan at Orlando Anime Day when Elysia took her photo in her Asami from Legend of Korra!  Sometime after, Megan approached me about doing a Sailor shoot with a catch: we were going to need a helicopter.  My initial reaction was “What?”  Read more.



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Hey Friends!  We’re featuring a local small business today: Tea and Tea!  We had the pleasure of meeting Hansen at an Orlando Foodies meetup the other week at Naru Sushi (blog soon!).  We were talking about our businesses when he invited us to check out his store and try some tea!  Let’s get into it!


We decided to visit Friday morning, since we knew Hansen would be there! Located in Winter Park Village, it’s a cozy and comfortable spot to hang out and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea. The Regal Movie Theater is right across the street, so you can come by and enjoy a cup before or after a movie! Read more!

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All the prints on a wall :]

They say prints are dead; it’s all about digital.  However, the other day I heard that Polaroid had come out with a brand new camera.  No screen.  No editing tools.  No autofocus.  Just a printer that prints with no ink.  It’s completely contrary to the current line of cameras: DSLR, compact, phone. And it’s awesome. Photos have taken an ethereal form more recently; they’re taken, posted, and forgotten in a memory card or hard drive.  Polaroid’s move is bold and refreshing. Prints are culmination of everything photography: a moment captured and presented in a physical form.   In this blog, I’m going to tell you while digital images are great, prints are things you’ll treasure forever.


Fun Fact: That


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