A Beautiful Wedding in Little Gardens

Carie and Clint’s Wedding




Our first wedding blog in a while!  This past June, Carie and Clint tied the knot at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville, GA, and we had the honor of photographing the celebration! Let’s get to it.


Before the Ceremony


We started out the day at the Clint’s parents house where the Carie and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  The great thing about working with a friend for their big day is usually there are familiar faces in the crowd, which makes photographing all the more fun.  Rachael a.k.a. The Fashion Cat was the first person we caught up with, since she was doing the bride’s make up for the day!



imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-1  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-2



A couple of our great friends were in the bridal party as well!  Betsy and Sarah whom you possibly have seen in our photos on multiple occasions were two of Carie’s five bridesmaids. Having them around and out of cosplay was such a trip for us. They and Clare, the sister of the bride, Hayley, the sister of the groom, and Stephanie, Carie’s best friend got ready in the room next door.  Usually before the wedding there’s an air of urgency or mild stress, but the sounds of the ladies goofing off made for a really relaxed atmosphere, which I always appreciate. :]







From there we headed off to the venue, so that the ladies and the bride could get their dresses on, and so we could get some pre-ceremony photos before the groom and his groomsmen arrived.  We wandered around the gardens and took some photos in the bridal suite.  I got some of my all time favorite bridesmaids photos so far!



imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-6  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-7

imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-14  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-11

imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-12  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-26



I loved working with these fun loving ladies. The photos that came out were cute and freaking hilarious.

The groom arrived right after we tucked the Carie away in the bridal suite.  Clint and his groomsmen relaxed in the grooms suite up until the ceremony.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding; I’ll let the photos do the talking. :]


The Wedding


imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-16  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-18





Little Gardens has a secluded area behind the house where their wedding ceremonies are held. The garden has a brick pathway and a small waterfall with a pond filled with koi.  String lights hover above the head of the path and over the seating area as well as lined some of the shrubs around the waterfall.  Clint’s father officiated the ceremony, and the couple was wed under a trellis decorated with pink and white roses.




imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-23  imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-24imphotography-wedding-carieandclint-25

imPhotography-Wedding-CarieandClint-EG-1  imPhotography-wedding-carieandclint-kiss2


The Celebration


The reception was held in Little Garden’s banquet hall where the night was filled with toasts, sweets, and dancing.  Each table held a one-time-use camera where guests could take photos of their night to share with the bride and groom.  Carie and Clint didn’t have a traditional wedding cake but a tower of gourmet cupcakes in a variety of flavors, all delicious.



eg152029  eg152035







At the end of the night, the bride and groom exited to a flurry of bubbles. It was the end of a fantastic day and a beautiful ceremony. We had so much fun shooting this wedding!


Congratulations again to you both, Carie and Clint!  We wish you all the love and happiness for a long time to come!  Thank you again for having us capture your wedding day.  We love you both! See you again soon in Atlanta, I’m sure!

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