AFO 2015 Recap!



Hey friends!  We got the chance to go to AFO this year for all three days!  We haven’t been back to AFO since the Wyndham International Drive’s renovation, and that was around 2012! We got to get some photos and meet a lot of cool people so hit the jump to see what I got and my first vlog! >>




AFO, a.k.a. Anime Festival Orlando, is an annual anime and gaming centered convention held since 2000.  I started attending AFO in 2010 when I first started going to conventions.  Since I moved to Orlando in 2012, I’ve tried to attend every year and this year was no exception.  The Wyndham International Resort went through a series of renovations in 2013 when AFO was held at the Rennaisance SeaWorld.  I missed last year’s convention, so this year was my first year back in the “new” Wyndham.  I have to say I do like it much more than before!

I used to schedule shoots AFO, but considering the Florida heat and my style of shooting, I deferred to hanging out, meeting new people, and getting some hallway shots!  I don’t think there’s an easier way of meeting people at conventions than taking someone’s photo.  As long as it’s a good photos!




Speaking of which, I finally got a chance to meet Alyson Tabbitha in person!  We had talked a couple times online about meeting up at Mega and getting a couple photos but circumstances made it so we couldn’t!  But not at AFO.  AFO’s small enough where it shouldn’t be hard to find friends and sure enough on Friday I caught Alyson and crew!  I set up a light and got some photos! :]




Saturday is always the busiest day of the convention. My roommates for the weekend, ZipperTan and Mervyn McKoy, were set up in artist alley doing work. There were so many artists set up in the alley, a lot of good ones.  I vlogged most of the day and got some photos of Hannah and Ginger in their Inside Out Disgust and Joy, as well as Cindy‘s Fujimoto from Ponyo.  Although we were outside for quite a while in the early afternoon, the rain came once again right on schedule.  This is part of the reason why I didn’t schedule shoots at AFO!  The weather is always unpredictable in Florida, just more so in the summer!  Without many indoor areas with few bystanders, it would be difficult for me to get decent shots!




On Sunday, Elysia joined me in going to the convention.  She hung out at the booth, and I mulled about the con, got photos, and said our goodbyes to everyone.  I got to spend a good amount of time talking to photographers hanging out in the resort lobby.  I got a couple shots of meepy sheepy outside.  I threw together this Throwback Thursday this past week. :]



Also, I had to throw this in, because Sherlock Holmes is my favorite hero. Of all time.  I like him more than any comic book, anime, cartoon, or other media character.  Well look who decided to step outside with a certain Dr. John Watson to have a smoke with their pipes. :p




All in all AFO’s one of my favorite chill cons, despite it being so hot and humid.  It’s always good to see friends at conventions.  Check out my vlog!  :]



Thanks for reading this blog!  Our next convention is AWA at the end of September!   I’m scheduling shoots!  Hit this link for signups!

Thanks for stopping by!  Gallery at the bottom!


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