Throwback Thursday: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus


Hey Friends!  Throwback Thursday!  Or throw way back, really, for all you Sailors out there.  We’re showing off our two friends Megan and Kendall as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus and their shoot ! :]

We met Megan at Orlando Anime Day when Elysia took her photo in her Asami from Legend of Korra!  Sometime after, Megan approached me about doing a Sailor shoot with a catch: we were going to need a helicopter.  My initial reaction was “What?”  Read more.




Now, I love Sailor Moon.  I’m pretty sure it was among the first animes I’ve ever watched.  Megan was referring to the episode “Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear”.  It’s a fantastic episode where Neptune and Uranus fly off in a helicopter to a cathedral to fight Eudial.




Now I’m no stranger to really random requests in shoots.  As a cosplay photographer, I’m used to going an extra mile to making a shot as authentic as possible, such as a white horse for a Daenerys.  Megan is quite a diligent planner and got us some time with a helicopter right here on International Drive. It’s always a pleasure to have Kendall with us as Uranus; I mean, we’ve been working together for years now so it’s fun seeing her!

We only had an hour to work at the helicopter pad, and we were racing the super bright, mid morning sun.  Thankfully, Elysia and Emily were there to help me out with equipment and flashes.  We got it done!  We headed off to Rollins College to finish off our shoot.




Rollins is a beautiful campus.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my alma mater’s brick architecture, but Rollins has a classic feel that goes with so many looks.  I’m glad we got a chance to shoot inside their chapel for this part.  The episode has a very dramatic scene set inside a cathedral, and Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus fight Eudial.




Such a beautiful place. I really should shoot here more often. (Actually, I shoot here as often as I can.  :]  )




It was such a great episode.  We made great use of the area I think. :]




I had so much fun shooting this; it was quite the nostalgia trip.  Check out the full shoot below! It was such a pleasure working with Megan, and we’re looking to do more shoots soon. I’ve also got another shoot with Kendall and Ari to post soon, so look out for that!  :]

Are you a Sailor Moon fan like I am?  Do you have any Sailor Moon cosplays?  Leave me some comments and links and I’ll check them out!   Maybe put you in a Feature Friday. :]

ALSO, minor update for the blog! I’ll be posting twice a week from now on.  Hold me to it!  :]



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