Throwback Thursday: My First Shoot

It’s been about 3 and a half years since I did my first real shoot, a real shoot being something we planned out from top to bottom working with subject rather than just shooting an event. Since I’m finally getting back into blogging, I felt like it was appropriate to start from the very beginning for my very first Throwback Thursday!


Taken 2010

My old editing sans border

Edited today

Edited the way I would today

Most of the gigs I had been shooting prior were events for the Asian American Student Union and the Filipino Student Association at UF. Jonathan DelRosario was having trouble with his camera so I had been asked to fill in for him a few times. My feet were wet, but I needed to just jump into shooting. I felt like I needed to learn more about photography before I fully committed to being a photographer. One of my best friends Dean and I were talking about who we could potentially shoot, and well, Zac and Annie were the cutest couple on the block. :]








I really had no clue what I was doing at the time.  It had only been about 4 months since I had picked up a camera and at least 5 years since I had shot something with purpose.  Guiding poses was a foreign language in 2010, but Zac and Annie were such good sports.  The camera loves these two and so many of these photos came out so natural and real.


Haile Plantation is so picturesque on it’s own and having Zac and Annie pretty much frolic in it was part of the plan.  Sunday afternoons are pretty quiet so we didn’t have much trouble with our backgrounds.  Banks, fountains, plazas, roadways: they were all open for us to play freely in.



Back then I had a thing for high color and contrast, but since I’ve learned to tone it down a bit.  Let natural colors rule and not to over process skin.  I still love coming back to these photos even after 3 and a half years.  Many revisions of these photos have come through my computer, mainly because I use this shoot as a barometer for my editing.  :]

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first Throwback Thursday!  I hope to do Throwback Thursday on this blog at least twice a month!  Special thanks to Dean for helping me for this shoot and being my assistant for so many shoots and for Zac and Annie for being good friends and for sticking with me all these years.  :]

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