MegaCon 2015 Recap!


Another year and another MegaCon!  I call it my home con, because it’s the first convention that I attended 6 years ago!    MegaCon is held every year in the spring at the Orange County Convention Center here in Orlando, Florida.  We’ve always had a good time at Mega and this year was no exception. We had the pleasure of working with our friends and meeting a lot of new people! Check out how our convention was and our gallery below! See more!

On the first couple days of the convention, I spent most of the time working with my scheduled shoots, most of which I’m still sorting through!  Be on the look out for more of these later on!  Thanks to Ari, John Gray, Danica, Lorena, and Brigitte for working with me! 😀


I spent a little time getting some shots of my long time friend Kimkashi in her Chun-Li and a couple shots of Bri and Trevor in their Lucina and Chrom!  Bri and I are actually hoping to do some on-location work together soon!



Also on Saturday was our photographer meetup!  We’re trying to make it a thing where all the photographers meet up for a little bit on Saturday of MegaCon!  I could spend a solid couple paragraphs naming everyone on this photo, but you can definitely head over our Facebook to find links!  It was a pleasure hanging out with everyone for a little bit and taking a little break!  It was really nice meeting a few new faces as well!


Sunday was my day for just walking around and hanging out and taking photos!  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people in cosplay on Sunday given that Sunday is usually just a chill day at a convention!



There was a lot of great cosplay all weekend!  On Sunday I immediately freaked out about this Hunter and Warlock cosplay.  Elysia and I are avid Destiny players (Guardians, hehehe) so I had to get a photo of these two!

MegaCon is a great location for crowds, but not so much if you’re looking for some awesome backgrounds for photos.  There’s some fountains and greenery outside, but the Florida heat is not something you want to contend with.  You pretty much have to work with what you’re given, which means finding open spaces with less bystanders or good ol’ pillars.  Below is a photo of Catherine (Myungsoo_Umma Cosplay), Asuma from Naruto, and Tracer from the unreleased game Overwatch (Seraph Cosplay).


imPhotography-MegaCon2015-5 (2)

Overall I had a much better time this year than I did last year at Mega!  There was so much more room and so much more cosplay to see!  I’m really looking forward to see what the new ownership does with the convention!  I hear they’re making the convention 4 days next year!  Here’s to many more MegaCons to come!

Thanks for checking out my short blog on Mega!  Gallery to follow!

Grad season is upon us so you may not hear from us for a couple weeks, but check out our instagram to see what we’re up to!

<3 imPhotography


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