Sus Hi Eatstation Altamonte Springs


Sus Hi Eatstation has been one of my favorite quick spots in East Orlando for the couple years I’ve been living on this side of town!  Every time I would stop in I would be greeted with a resounding “Hello, Ninja!” and served fresh and delicious food prepared the way I like it. When Elysia told me that they were opening a brand new location in Altamonte, for sure I had to stop in and check out the new place.  I got a bite and got to chat with Grand Master Fun Ly while I was there!  Read on for more!


Awesome photos on the wall greet you as you walk in


Sus Hi’s Dojos have embraced a culture of Fun, Passion, Creativity, and Integrity. Grand Master Fun Ly a.k.a. Robert Ly built Sus Hi around these tenets, and it emanates from everything from the photos on the wall, to the wood and stone decor, to the free form fast casual menu, to chants of “Fire!” behind the bar. At their dojos, there are no “employees, only ninjas; there are no “managers” , only head ninjas.

Grand Masters Fun Ly and Miso Eel are no strangers to business.  From a young age, Fun Ly was involved in the running of his parents’ restaurants, and Miso Eel helped out at her parents’ market.  They wanted to take everything they knew from running businesses and create something new.  Sus Hi Eatstation was born from the desire  to create a new quick casual concept in a genre that hasn’t been represented in the quick casual market thus far.


sus hi eatstation altamonte springs

When you walk up to the bar, the ninjas guide you through the creative process.  You start with your choice of a roll, bowl, or wrap and white or brown rice!  From there, you’re given a choice of proteins ranging from fresh tuna, tofu, and fried shrimp and chicken.  After that there’s a wild amount of fix ins that you can choose from to compliment: scallions, seaweed salad, masago, carrots, and cheese!  Top it off with their selection of 16 different sauces.  They also have a selection of beer, sake, ramune, and soda as well as edamame, dumplings, rangoons, and egg rolls to compliment your entree! Check out their full menu here!





I usually spring for the bowl when I come here.  Fresh fish, tempura flakes, seaweed salad, cucumbers, scallions, and spicy mayo is my go-to setup. I love the combination of the sweet, salty, and spicy flavors in the seaweed salad and spicy mayo to compliment the freshness of the  cucumbers. The crunch of the tempura flakes is a perfect contrast to the fish and rice as well!  Don’t take my word for it, try it!




imPhotography-Sus-Hi-Eatstation (10)

Sus Hi Eatstation in Altamonte Springs is now open!  Their Grand Opening is this week and there are still a couple more days to enjoy their specials! I love this place for a quick and affordable stop for sushi. If you’ve never been, go check out either of their locations, they’re both great. Full information and addresses below!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sus Hi Eatstation

4498 N Alafaya Trail suite# 324
Orlando FL, 32826
Phone: 407 826 1682

Altamonte Springs
380 S State Rd 434 suite# 1004
Altamonte Springs, FL 32744
Phone: 407 960 2250

Open 11 am – 10 pm everyday!




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Hey Friends! This past weekend, we were all over the Orange County Convention Center for  MegaCon 2016!  Why so late in the year?  Because MegaCon is now a big 4 day convention and is run on Memorial Day weekend the end of May!  We got a ton of photos, got to meet a lot of new people, and hang out with a lot of good friends!  Let’s get to it!


Cosplayers in Hall C, MegaCon 2016

Back in 2010, MegaCon was the first convention I ever attended.  I had just recently acquired my camera 5 months prior.  Everything photography and cosplay was new to me.  Little did I know 6 years later, I would still be attending this convention as a proper photographer shooting cosplayers.

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Sleeping Moon Cafe Blog


Hey friends!  Welcome back!  Today we’re check out a local spot which happens to be right around the corner from us.  Elysia and I have been in Orlando for almost 4 years now, but we’re still setting down roots in the area.  We’re still learning about the quirks about Orlando’s scene, which means we’ve been doing a lot of yelping to find out new spots.  Sleeping Moon Cafe just happens to be one of those spots!

Sleeping Moon Cafe was created by Mark Gardner with one main thing in mind: Cultural Hub  Formerly in sales for pharma and technology, Mark wanted to create a great place for art, music, coffee, and food.  Six years ago, he and his partner planted roots right here in Winter Park on the corner of Aloma and Semoran.


Sleeping Moon Sandwiches Smoothies Tea Wifi

Sleeping Moon Espresso and Tea


Sleeping Moon serves a variety of sandwiches, smoothies, teas, and coffees!  Most if not all of Sleeping Moon’s ingredients are locally sourced. Bread, meats, vegetables, coffee, tea are all from the Central Florida area!  Even the kombucha and cold brew are bottled in Orlando!  Speaking of kombucha, he’s got a few kegs of the stuff on tap, sweetened perfectly for any palate.




Last time I was here, I had a HUGE Reuben sandwich, perfectly pressed and delicious.  I wish I had photos of it because I ate it so fast, but Elysia had a fantastic Turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce!  Look how fantastic that is!

Mike gets his beans fresh from Golden Hills Coffee Roasters.  He believes that if you come into Sleeping Moon to enjoy coffee, it should be the best cup of coffee you can get along with a personal touch.  He made me a hazelnut latte with a little bit of coffee art!  Take some time and have coffee in the shop, and he’ll take care of you! :]



Sleeping Moon Cold Brew Combucha Coffee Station


Nestled in a spot right next to Full Sail and in range of Rollins, UCF, and Valencia, Sleeping Moon serves not only the local community, but also students looking for a place to eat and energize for studying and collaborating!  Not only are there lots of table space if you’re looking to get some work done, but also couches for you to sit and relax if you’re just hanging out with friends.


Sleeping Moon Local Performances Jazz and Spoken Word


Every night, the cafe hosts live music from local bands or other events such as spoken word poetry jams and storytelling.  Sleeping Moon has opened its walls for a variety of art sourced from local artists, most of which is for sale if one piques your interest! (Support your local artists!)  The art is rotated quarterly so be sure to stop by and check out the new pieces going up!  And don’t just look on the walls! On the shelves you’ll find bottles, CDs, vases, and figures to purchase!



Sleeping Moon Local Artists Paintings

Sleeping Moon Cafe strives to give every person a taste of Orlando in not in just food and beverage, but also art and music.  Be sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat and really see what Orlando has to offer!  Sleeping moon is open 10a to 10p Tuesday to Saturday, 11a to 9p on Sunday, and closed on Mondays!  Be sure to tell them we sent you!

Be sure to check our gallery!

Thanks for reading!



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Saeko by Andy Does Cosplay


Saeko Busujima is a highly skilled, efficient, and deadly zombie killer from Highschool of the Dead, a post-apocalyptic anime.   In today’s blog, we’re going to cover our shoot with Andy in her Saeko Busujima cosplay, shot right here in downtown Orlando!




Andy had actually asked me to shoot this cosplay up at MomoCon a couple weeks before, but upon seeing that she was an Orlando resident, I asked her if we could shoot her cosplay here in Orlando rather than in Atlanta.  If that story sounds familiar, I mentioned a similar happening in our last blog with Laney and Julia for their Tokyo Ghoul shoot! I also mentioned Aundrea as our epic smoke bomb assistant.  We actually did Andy’s shoot a couple weeks before Laney and Julia’s shoot! :]




In Highschool of the Dead, most of the backdrops for the series are in urban sprawl and decay.  Now Orlando has plenty of places that would qualify as urban sprawl, but we also had to think about the city being relatively abandoned, not to mention Andy would be carrying a wooden sword around.  We figured that shooting in an old garage would probably best, so we hit up one close to Lake Eola and drove up to the top of the garage to get some shots.




Andy’s a natural as a model, and she’s only been cosplaying for about a year  now.  We had a bit of help from Laney with some hair flinging, outfit adjustments, and light stand holding along the way.


A little help from Laney for Saeko


We got started pretty early for a sunset shoot, at about 3 pm.  We filled the time with other shots around the garage, but we caught the sunset at just the right time and it definitely paid off.  It’s always  nice to have the sunset and the Orlando skyline as a backdrop for a shoot.






It was such a pleasure working with Andy on this shoot.  I’ve always wanted to do an on location photo with a Highschool of the Dead cosplayer, and it was a lot of fun finally getting to realize a shoot.  It was so much fun!  Can’t wait to work with Andy again one day on another shoot! :]


imPhotography-SaekoAndy-7    imPhotography-SaekoAndy-8


Thanks again to Andy for shooting with me! Be sure to check her out on instagram and facebook!  Don’t forget to check the gallery below!


Thanks for stopping by!









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Hey Friends!  We’re going to take it back with our shoot with Laney and Julia in their Ayato and Touka Kirishima cosplays from Tokyo Ghoul!  We had the pleasure of working with them right after MomoCon!  We were supposed to shoot in Atlanta, but since we weren’t feeling it and I learned that they both lived in Florida, we decided to take it back to Orlando a couple weeks after.  I’m sure glad we did!  Check out what we did!


imPhotography-TokyoGhoul (1)


When we started planning out our shoot, Laney and Julia both mentioned a cool looking parking garage along the 408 by downtown Orlando.  Since I’m relatively familiar with the area, I figure we could give it a shot and quickly adjust our plans should it become nonviable because of security and such.   We were planning on using smoke bombs for this shoot after all!


imPhotography-TokyoGhoul (2)


Orlando does not have the most glamorous looking downtown, but the view from this garage did give us a nice view.  We decided to take advantage of the view for a few of our shots.


imPhotography-TokyoGhoul (4)


In Tokyo Ghoul, these two characters have the wing / claw like structures on their back known as kagune. Laney and Julia’s kagune are made of a material called transparent Worbla, a lightweight plastic that can be warped and formed with the application of heat.  The greatest thing about transparent worbla is that you can fire a flash through it: a fact I took into account for all the photos we took!




As the sun started setting, we went back up to the roof of the garage and found an open spot.  Laney and Julia brought a bunch of smoke bombs to work with, and man they really did the trick.  Aundrea was great in helping smoke the hell out of the place to get this epic shot.  I’m glad we didn’t get in any trouble! :]


imPhotography-TokyoGhoul (10)

Had a lot of fun working with Laney and Julia and trying new things with transparent worbla and smoke bombs!  Make sure to follow Laney at her facebook and instagram and Julia at her facebook and instagram here and don’t forget to see our gallery below!


See you next time!



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