Vanille Goes to FSU: A Cosplay Shoot


We didn’t initially plan on doing a cosplay shoot on location, but with the craziness that was MegaCon, it was more of a necessity. An overly successful backup plan, if you will.  As you might already know, I love shooting on locationSetua a.k.a. Tiffany and I rescheduled our shoot to a later date when we would be traveling through Tallahassee.  Here’s what we did~ :]


I consulted Tiffany before our shoot because I am not at all familiar with FSU.  I had driven through it maybe a handful of times, and had only been in the outskirts of town.  With just a handful of reference photos, a 3 hour drive, and a little bit of luck, we got to work. :]


Setua in her Vanille Cosplay


At MegaCon we wouldn’t have been able to come close to looking like we were standing in Luxerion at the Cathedral.  Tiffany’s Vanille cosplay is perfect, though I might be a little biased.  :p

I love the way the buildings looked at FSU. It reminded me of my own alma mater, UF, where I’ve been to known to do a bit of cosplay shooting of my own. The smooth concrete and brick walls were on key for this costume as well.


Night falls while shooting Tiffany


Lightning Returns  is a bit more of a moody game, and Vanille takes on a more somber note.  Using the early sunset and a bit of flash appropriately gave this shoot a more dramatic tone.  It helps that I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy XIII series.  Nothing like drawing directly from the source for inspiration.




Few things in the world make me as excited for photography as shooting a cosplay on location.  It’s an incredible feeling to be able to create something amazing with friends.  It all starts from a cosplayer’s first stitch and ending with a photographer’s last edit.

Thanks to Tiffany for shooting with us, the food, and the birthday cupcakes!  You’re too awesome! Be sure to check out her deviantart and her facebook page!  Also check out the gallery below for more shots!

Thanks for reading!
<3 imPhotography



P.S.: Vanille attends FSU for Geology with a specialization in crystal formation. (j/k)

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