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A Beautiful Wedding in Little Gardens

Carie and Clint’s Wedding     Our first wedding blog in a while!  This past June, Carie and Clint tiedView full post »

DUO 58 Coffee Bar & Cafe

Hey Friends!  Happy Feature Friday! This week we visited Duo 58 Coffee Bar & Cafe! Elysia had found thisView full post »

Anime Festival Orlando 2016 Recap!

BACK TO BACK CONVENTION WEEKENDS.  Florida sure can keep a cosplay photographer busy, but I don’t mind!  ThatView full post »

MetroCon 2016 Recap!

What’s going on, friends?  MetroCon was this past weekend and we got the chance to hang out, take photos, and doView full post »

Sus Hi Eatstation!

Sus Hi Eatstation has been one of my favorite quick spots in East Orlando for the couple years I’ve beenView full post »

MegaCon 2016 Recap!

Hey Friends! This past weekend, we were all over the Orange County Convention Center for  MegaCon 2016!  Why so lateView full post »

Sleeping Moon Cafe

Hey friends!  Welcome back!  Today we’re check out a local spot which happens to be right around theView full post »

Gear Does Not Matter (As Much As You Think)

Photographers are a social group.  We like to walk up to each other and talk because of our common passions forView full post »

In Regards to The Dutch Angle

The Dutch angle, also known as Dutch tilt, canted angle, or German angle, is a type of shot where the camera is tiltedView full post »