Shoot Saturday: Portraiture at Cranes Roost Park

Nhi / Portraiture

Hey friends! Welcome to Shoot Saturday!  This is a new standby on our blog recapping one of our many shoots!  This week it’s our friend Nhi!  We went out to Cranes Roost park to do a little portraiture with her a couple weekends ago! Hit the jump to see some of the photos we got!

For portraiture, as always, we asked our wonderful and talented make up artist Heather Toyoko to take part.  We always take pre-make-up shots so we can show off her amazing work.  Nhi is already a beautiful girl, and Heather’s work is the perfect accent.

Make up getting done by Heather Toyoko

We set off to Cranes Roost Park in the uptown Altamonte Springs area.  We had never shot portraiture in this location before, though we had seen the area a few times before.  It was a bit cloudy from a cold front moving through to start and we were worried about rain going to hit.  Fortunately the rain didn’t fall, but the wind definitely blew us around.

On the shores of Cranes Roost

It was all but impossible to set up our flash and umbrella for shots since the wind was gusting over 15 mph while we were shooting.  Octabanks are not exactly built to be thrown around.  Fortunately, recently I had been on a natural light kick.  Flash has been a staple in my photography since it stormed into my portfolio in 2012, but I was finding that I wasn’t giving natural light enough credit in my portfolio.  We made the best of the wind and the weather, regardless.

Shooting near sunset, Cranes Roost is a beautiful location.  A lake surrounded with boardwalks, plazas, gardens, and amphitheaters.  We took advantage of every space we could use for our shoot.  Nhi’s got such a great smile and was effortless to work with.

Around the European-style plaza at Cranes Roost

Thanks for stopping by on our first Shoot Saturday!  I’m hoping to recap a shoot every other Saturday so make sure to stop by, read, and see our work! And it won’t always be portraiture that we feature here on Saturdays.  It could be anything from weddings to events to cosplay!  See you again real soon!

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