imPhotography Graduation Ambassadors

We are looking for a few self-driven, charismatic, and energetic individuals to become ambassadors for imPhotography!  Ambassadors are liaisons who promote and advertise for imPhotography and ‘recruit’ people to work with imPhotography.

What in it for you?  When you start you get a complimentary shoot as thanks for joining up!  For every three shoots booked through your referral, you receive a complimentary session for yourself or to give.  For ever web image package sale from that referral, you receive web image credits in proportion to the amount sold.  For every print package sale from referral, you receive print image credits in proportion to the amount sold.


We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors for high school junior and senior ambassadors, UCF and Rollins student ambassadors, as well as cosplay ambassadors!

You’ll find the google form for brand ambassadors below and at the following link.